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What is TPayment?

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Create invoices for your customers and stay compliant with the legislation and save on taxes. With its constantly developed system, TPayment allows you to quickly issue invoices to local and international companies. You can create invoices for your customers in any currency without having a company.

What are the advantages of using TPayment?

You can easily send invoices to your clients without having a company and get paid in 24 hours. TPayment supports startups and entrepreneurs by offering special commission rates.

Which informations do I need to enter when I sign up?

Is it legal to create invoices and receive payments on TPayment?

What is my legal guarantee?

Do I have a tax liability for the invoice that I created?

If I create a wrong invoice, how can I cancel it?

Can I receive payments from anywhere in the world via TPayment?

Is there an extra commission when receiving payments from abroad?

After my client makes the payment, will the payment be transferred to my account within the same day?

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TPayment is a platform that offers freelancers to create invoices quickly and easily. Thanks to protected shopping options both you and your customers are safe!

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